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The Main holidays for the Academic Year in general 2023 are as follows :
(For The Bishop's School,Camp , The Bishop's Co-Ed School, Kalyani Nagar & The Bishop's Co-Ed School, Undri).

(All below Dates are Subject to Change...)
Vacations Duration
SUMMER VACATION 21st April 2023 to 11th June 2023 (both days inclusive)
Monsoon Break 2nd September 2023 to 10th August 2023 (both days inclusive)
Dussera Break 20th October 2023 to 24th October 2023 (both days inclusive)
Diwali Break 9th November 2023 to 19th November 2023 (both days inclusive)
Winter Break 13th December 2023 to 7th January 2024 (both days inclusive)
Session Break 29th February 2024 to 17th March 2024 (both days inclusive)
Easter Break 28th March 2024 to 1st April 2024 (both days inclusive)
Summer Vacation 26th April 2024 to 16th June 2024 (both days inclusive)
1. Besides the above, the school is closed on other Public Holidays as recommended by the Government from time to time.
2. Parents are informed and are especially asked to note that, in the interest of their children and the discipline of the school, it is imperative most clearly informed that leave ON ANY PRETEXT, extending long vacations, will NOT BE GRANTED.
2. On no account can "Special Cases" be considered for permission to break this rule. No student may leave school before the beginning of a holiday, and absolute punctuality is necessary on the opening day of School. There will be no prefixing or suffixing of holidays. Errant Students will be subjected to disciplinary action in additional to a fine levied by the school authority for early an departure for holidays and late arrival after the holidays. Excuses of unavailability of railway/Air/Bus bookings, etc. will not be accepted.

Prize Day & Annual Concert:

The Prize Day is a much-awaited annual event where the Junior & Senior school students and parents look forward to the awards for their challenging work. Apart from the Scholastic achievements the school also caters to much deserved progress prizes, awarded to students who show considerable improvement in academics. The Prize Day ceremony is presided over by a renowned figure from Pune and is followed by the annual concert. An opportunity is given to a maximum number of students to show their talent on stage. Acting, dancing and music form an integral part of this event.
The students and teachers do the school proud with their challenging work and this yearly feature is worth watching. It involves plenty of challenging work, perseverance, and innovation.

Religious Observance:

The school follows a secular pattern. It makes no discrimination based on caste or creed. At the same time, the administrators are sensitive to the religious belief and sentiments of students. They are allowed to visit their churches, temples, mosques, and gurudwaras on Sunday.

Other Important School Functions:

  • Founder's Day
  • Boarder's Night
  • Athletics And PT Display
  • Prize Day
  • Triangular Meet
  • Candlelight

The School is equipped with large buildings consisting of 75 well-ventilated Classrooms, 3 Science laboratories, 2 Assembly Halls, 2 Libraries and a Dining Room which seats about 250 children.

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